• Sindo TV

    We have made financial investment and formed a cooperation to develop and expand SINDO TV. SINDO TV has 38 local TVs including all The Nielsen
    Company cities. Approximately 10% of all content brodcasted on the SINDO TV network of television stations are locally produced for the specific region
    where the station is located. SINDO TVs local TVs will all broadcast the same content for about 90% of the total air time.

  • Koran Sindo

    First launched in 2005 carrying the name Seputar Indonesia, Koran Sindo is a progressive newspaper aimed at the dynamic segment. Koran Sindo features several unique sections such as News, Economy, Business, Sports, Lifestyle and Referensia.

    Currently Koran Sindo is sitting at number three nationwide and number two in the Greater Jakarta area.

    While providing the most comprehensive information, Koran Sindo also participates in a number of key strategic initiatives such as Business Record Night, CSR Appreciation, Entrepreneur Appreciation and People Of The Year, which became a permanent annual agenda.

  • Sindo Trijaya FM

    Covering 18 locations across Indonesia, SINDO TRIJAYA FM was formerly known as Trijaya FM. As part of the 5-in-1 SINDO Media strategy, SINDO TRIJAYA FM broadcasts a large proportion of its airtime on news and information while still featuring Top 40 music, reflecting its signature trademark style.

    In 2012 Sindo Trijaya FM numbered 3 (The Nielsen Company All Radio Wave #4 2012) based on radio segmentation. Popular programs during 2012 were Polemik, Sindo Hot Topic, Talk to CEO, Golden Friday, Tokoh Bicara.

  • is the online edition of Koran SINDO. In addition to the articles on Seputar Indonesia, also provides access to regional content published on the KORAN SINDO local editions.

  • Sindo Weekly

    When it was first published in 2002, the magazine was called "TRUST". In 2012 "TRUST" was transformed into "SINDO WEEKLY" with the slogan "Exclusive and Trusted". SINDO WEEKLY is a general news weekly magazine presented in a format, look and presentation that are more reliable, accurate, and balanced.

    SINDO WEEKLY is poised to be the new icon in the media business and to become a general and independent news magazine that serves as a reference for decision makers.

    SINDO WEEKLY maintains a circulation of 125,000 copies each week, with circulation area covering Bali, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Batam, South Sumatra,
    West Sumatra, North Sumatra, East Java, Central Java, West Java and Greater Jakarta.